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How to Join The Club’s Membership?

STEP 1 – Get an application form from the Club’s reception/office
STEP 2 – Fill in all the details required and submit your form together with your 3 license size photograph each of the applicant, his spouse and child / children to our reception/office.
STEP 3 – Pay your entrance fees at the reception/office
STEP 4 – – You will get a call from the Club’s office 1 week later to get your temporary card.
STEP 5 – Your details will be posted on the Club’s Notice Board for a period of 3 months to election.
STEP 6 – In this period, you will be call for meeting and introduce yourself or talk to the members.
STEP 1 – After 3 months, you will get a permanent card once approve.

There shall be five (5) main types of members namely :-

  1. Ordinary Members
  2. Corporate Members
  3. Honorary Members
  4. Life Members
  5. Subscribing Members
  6. Family Members
  7. Absent Members
  8. Members of Affiliated Clubs

Ordinary Members – RM 3,180.00 (RM 3000 × 6% Tax)
Corporate Members – RM 8,000 (4 Nominees)

Security Deposit – RM 1,500
Bar Fund – RM 60.00

Total for Ordinary Member = RM 4,740.00


  • 3 driving license size photograph of applicant, spouse and children.
  • Photocopy of marriage certificate.
  • Photocopy of children’s birth certificate / identity card.
  • Single member       –    RM 30.00 + 6% Tax = RM 31.80
  • Married member   –    RM 40.00 + 6% Tax = RM 42.40
  • The subscription for each calendar month of part thereof of a member shall be as follow:

    1. Ordinary Member                            –        RM 30.00
    2. Corporate Member-for each          –        RM 30.00
      Designated representative
    3. Subscribing Member                       –        RM 10.00
  • Around 3 months. You will get your permanent membership card from the office once you are approved. Before that, you will get a temporary card one week later you submitted your apllication form.

The Club’s membership does not have expiration date. Once you are approved, you will become the club’s member for lifetime.

Yes. A member may at any time subject to the following conditions introduce as a guest into the club provided that the introducing member shall on each day on which such a guest makes use of the club to ensure his name and address are entered in the Visitors’ Book. The member introducing the guest shall be responsible for the conduct of the guest at all times. This rule may be waived in the case of Room Guests at the committee’s discretion.

A guest may not be introduced on more than 3 (three) occasions in one calendar month except with the prior approval of the committee. Any member who has been expelled or suspended shall not be introduce into the club without the prior approval of the committee.

The committe should have the absolute power to prohibit any person or persons being introduced as guests of the club and no reasons of such prohibition shall be assigned thereto.

You can change your details like address or phone number by visiting the club’s reception/office.

You can pay your monthly bill at the club’s reception / office by credit card or cash.

No. You will not get charge if you have apply to replace on the Absent Members list. Absent Member are only available for members who leave the district of Hilir Perak and the adjoining District for a period of more than one month. You will only get charge when you visit the club. You can reactivate your account anytime by writing a letter to the club’s office.

You can read more details about Absent Members

A member who fails to settle his account in full by the last day of the month or within 14 days from the date on which the bills are presented. Whichever is the letter will be sent a notice by registered post requiring payment in full within 14 days of the date such notice. If payment in full is not made within the period of the said 14 days the member may become liable to be posted up as defaulter and upon being posted as a defaulted the member’s credit facilities will be withdrawn without notice and he shall automatically be expelled as a member of the Club.